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By using moboPOS on your smartphone. moboPOS is a Smart, Simple, and Secure multistore point-of-Sale mobile application that acts as a register for your business on the go.

Why Small Business Owner's Loves moboPOS

moboPOS is a Smart, Simple, and Secure mobile point-of-Sale application that uses a smartphone or tablet to act as a register for your business on the go. The App is Integrated with a web portal where the shop's admin controls the management. moboPOS is multistore, meaning one shop owner can manage different shops independently using the same moboPOS without affecting the running of a single shop.

moboPOS, is a point-of-sale system that uses a smartphone or tablet to act as a register for your business on the go.

  • Point of Sale

    The customer's order list is recorded in the cart section and then tabulated for payment when ordering is finished.

  • Products Management

    Products can be easily added, edited, or deleted using the moboPOS app or the admin's portal.

  • Stock Management

    You are able to update and track your shop's stock. When stock is almost exhausted, you are notified to add it.

  • Expenses Tracking

    moboPOS has a module where the user can record any expenditure that occurs during the daily running of the business.

Profit & Loss Tracking

Within the app, you can get a graphical or tabulated summary report for the sales being made in the business in real time.

  • Supplier Management

    It's easy to assign a supplier who supplies you with different products and also maintains them.

  • Customer Management

    You can choose to keep a list of your loyal customers or just use the walking-in customer to record your sales.

  • Receipt Printing

    After a sale is recorded, the sales receipt can be downloaded, printed, or sent directly to the customer as a soft copy.

  • Easy to Customize

    moboPOS is a user-friendly mobile application, thereby making it easy to customize depending on the taste and feel of the user.

How moboPOS works?

moboPOS is a Smart, Simple, and Secure mobile phone Point-of-Sale application. where the sale of products is centralized and managed in a business environment.

Manage your business using the moboPOS Point-of-Sale mobile phone application.

Installing moboPOS App

Navigate to Settings > Security. Check the option "Unknown sources:". Tap OK on the prompt message. Select "Trust".

Login to the App

Using credentials given to you by your shop administrator, you can login to the moboPOS and navigate to the App.

Enjoy the features!

moboPOS comes with the greatest features for monitoring and managing your shop in real time.

Smart, Simple, & Secure mobile POS

  • Ease of use: moboPOS is a smartphone mobile POS solution that is user-friendly and intuitive. The system has a simple interface and requires minimal training for you and your staff to quickly start using it and improve business management.

  • Mobility: moboPOS is truly mobile, allowing you to process transactions anywhere, whether you're at a fixed location, attending events, or offering on-the-go services. It works smoothly on smartphones and tablets.

  • Security measures: Security is crucial when handling customer and business information. The moboPOS system provides robust security features such as end-to-end encryption, tokenization, and compliance with data protection protocols.

  • Sales and inventory management: moboPOS has built-in inventory management features. It allows you to track stock levels, manage product variations, receive notifications for low stock, and generate reports to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

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More productivity with less effort

  • User-friendly POS app: Looking for a POS app that is intuitive and easy to navigate? worry not. MoboPOS has a well-designed interface, and a streamlined workflow can significantly reduce the time and effort required to process transactions.

  • Utilize barcode scanning: Barcode scanning eliminates the need for manual entry of product information, improving accuracy and speeding up the checkout process. MoboPOS supports barcode scanning by using the smartphone's built-in camera.

  • Cloud-based data synchronization: MoboPOS is a cloud-based POS system that synchronizes data across multiple devices. This feature ensures that sales, inventory, and customer data are up-to-date and accessible from anywhere. It eliminates the need for manual data transfer or reconciliation.

  • Offer digital receipts: Instead of printing paper receipts, MoboPOS provides digital receipts that can be sent via email or SMS. This approach reduces paper waste and simplifies record-keeping for both the business and the customer.

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The best thing about moboPOS is that it is very affordable; we have different subscription plans that our customers can choose from depending on their business setup.

The best thing about moboPOS is that it is very affordable.



  • 3 Months Training
  • 2GB Databases
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • 2X per Week Backups

* cost per day



  • 6 Months Training
  • 5GB Databases
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Daily Backups

* cost per day

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Simple & Beautiful Interface

The app is designed with simplicity, hence its ease of navigation and self-explanatory, beautiful interfaces for smooth performance.

The app is designed with simplicity, hence its ease of navigation and self-explanatory.

moboPOS is available for all devices

moboPOS is available for all devices. The app is designed, developed, and configured to be a point-of-sale system that is compatible with a smartphone or tablet to act as a register.

moboPOS is available for all devices and is compatible with a smartphone or tablet to act as a register.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices